My core strategy and the tools that I use are among the most commonly asked questions. So I’ll try to answer the question on this page.

Overall, I try to keep things as simple and low-cost as possible. Tools can end up costing you a fortune in this industry, so try to be protective with your money.

Tools for Building out the Sites

  1. The core strategies I use to build my sites: The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity.
    Why do I like it so much?
    -A no BS course on how to actually make money as an affiliate SEO.
    -I already had a site making $500 a month and I managed to go through my plateaus with the specific strategies laid out in the course, after being stuck at $500 for months.
    -Matt keeps adding new content when something significant changes or when he learns something new and that happens on a monthly basis.
    -It helped to add $3.5K to my monthly earnings, which translated into $70K in the final sales price of my site, while the cost of the course was around $1K.
  2. Hosting 1 – NameCheap: I use Namecheap with all my sites when I start them.
    -As the name says, they’re cheap. Domain names start at $8 and annual hosting starts at $20-$30.
    -Really good customer service despite them being a low cost hosting company.
    -Their interface is easy to use.
  3. Hosting 2SiteGround: Once I get my sites to at least 10K monthly visitors I move the sites over to Siteground.
    -To significantly increase my site speed. I don’t do it before 10K, cause Siteground is way more expensive than Namecheap. But they’re still competitively priced for what you’re getting.
    -They take care of the transfer, I don’t have to do anything.
    -Even better customer service than Namecheap.
  4. Theme: GeneratePress Pro version.
    -Very easy to use.
    -Lightweight, my sites are faster when I build them with Generatepress.
    -Constant updates and improvements.
    -Easy to customise and there are a lot of tutorials on this theme.
  5. Plugins:
    Elementor – really easy to build custom designs even if you’re not a designer. They also have a tonne of tutorials on how to do almost everything.
    Generate Blocks – to further customise my generate press sites.
    Contact Form 7 – to add easy ways to contact me.

Tools for Linkbuilding

  1. – I use them to find e-mail addresses of my linkbuilding prospects and to send out customised outreach messages. You’re going to need hunter if you’re going to do e-mail outreach. Finding e-mails by yourself is going to take you 100x more time and thus costs a small fortune compared to using hunter.
  2. Ahrefs – the mother of all link prospecting tools. I use it to do keyword research, finding prospects to reach out to and to check my competitors and get ideas from them. It’s the Swiss army knife of SEO.
  3. Google Workspace – to create a dedicated e-mail account. It’ll increase the likelihood of landing in the inbox rather than the spam folder.
  4. – a tool to warm up my e-mail accounts. It also monitors my e-mail placements and actively helps to make sure I’m not ending up in the spam folder.

Other Tools

  1. Keyword research – Ahrefs
  2. Keyword tracking – SerpRobot

That’s it.

Now that I read through all of them, it seems like a lot, but you can first start with just the hosting and the ahrefs free trial. Use the 7 days to do as much keyword research as possible and cancel it afterwards.