How to Get Links with Infographics – My Process

Infographics is a rather old school link building tactic. So does it even work these days? Yes, it does, but.. The but is in the fact that most people that get your pitch will ask you for money. If you’ve done infographics, shotgun or regular skyscraper or any other link building tactic, you’ll know this. ... Read more

Competitor Cannibalization Keyword Research Strategy

This is a simple, yet highly effective strategy that’s responsible for the majority of my earnings across all my sites. A cool fact.. I made an SOP out of this strategy to my VA and the first day he did this, he found one keyword that started making 1K$/month about 6 weeks since publishing the ... Read more

Link Farm Site Strategy

This is a cool strategy that I stumbled upon a few years ago. Why is it cool? Cause I put 550$ into a site that’s now making 300-500$ each month almost passively. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is 🙂 But here’s the strategy anyways: How I Found the Strategy When doing outreach for ... Read more

Link Inserts – A Fast Way to Get a Lot of Links

Link inserts is one of my most favourite link building strategies. Why? Cause it converts really well and it’s super easy to do. It’s so easy that even I am willing to do it.. (remember, I’m super lazy). The Core Idea All the strategy is, is that you find a bunch of sites in closely ... Read more

Guest Posts – How I Do Them

There are two main ways of doing GP-s for me. One way yields quick links that come from average and below average sites. DR is usually below 50 and most webmasters (90%) ask for money for the GP to be placed. It’s still a good way of getting links and I use it all the ... Read more

Broken Link Building – What is Working Well for Me

Broken link building is an old-school link building tactic that still works. I think that one of the reasons it’s working so well is that most people have forgotten about it or it’s not being talked about too much. Here are the reasons, why I think it’s an awesome tactic: average link cost is low ... Read more