How to Find Profitable Niches that are Easy to Rank In

If you’re interested in what the heading is promising, you probably fall into two of the below categories:

  1. You’ve tried to make a site before and after some time you’ve found that your odds of making any money in this niche are next to zero.
  2. You haven’t done this before, but you’re smart enough to know that you’ll have higher odds of success if you go after a niche that’s not overcrowded.

Unfortunately I wasn’t smart and turned to looking for the easier niches the hard way.

After spending a lot of time and too much money on a niche that just wouldn’t work, someone told me the obvious.. I was trying to rank with a 1K$ investment and 5h of my time per week in a niche that needed at least 50K$ to get into the top 10.

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After my first failure I managed to find ways how to find easier keywords. Blue oceans as they call them in a famous book.

Why Spend Time With This Method?

If you’ve been in this game for long enough, you’ll know that niche selection is a key component of how rich you’ll end up being from your efforts.

You can have two sites that both have 100 articles and 100 backlinks. Let’s say that their articles and backlinks are of similar quality as well. It’s possible that one site is making 20K$/month and the other is making 100$/month, the only difference is the niche they’re in.

The above example is an actual example of my two friends. One did a website in the make money online niche and the other made a site in the survival niche.

I’ve also seen this myself. It’s a major factor in determining success. So don’t be lazy with this. Put some time into this and find a good niche to go after. Proper niche selection can increase your earnings by more than 10 times compared to choosing a niche that’s too difficult to compete in.

How to Find Easy Niches to Make Money In?

This method requires you to use ahrefs content explorer tool. If you don’t have ahrefs, just do a 7-day trial for 7$ and you can complete the whole research within that time period. Seriously, do that.

What content explorer allows you to do is put in a keyword and sort the results based on the criteria that you choose. This allows you to filter for sites with low DR that are getting at least X amount of traffic per month.

I usually search for sites that have a low DR, but still get at least 1K visitors to any of their review or other type of money articles. Once I find these sites, I check what other articles they have that is bringing them traffic.

How to actually do it:

#1 Go to content explorer and type in a typical keyword that would be used in an affiliate money article.

These are words like:

  • review
  • best
  • under 500
  • under 1000
  • under 200
  • under 100

There are many additional ones, but let’s use these options for now.

For this example, I’ll use review.

#2 Now add the following filters:

  1. Make sure that the word you searched for is used in the title.
  2. Language: English (unless you’re doing this for another market).
  3. Add filter: Page traffic min 1000.
  4. Add filter: Domain rating max 20.
  5. Tick one page per domain.
  6. Tick exclude homepages.
  7. Tick exclude subdomains.

This example gave us 509 domains to check through. You only see the first one, but I’ll write down the ones that seem promising based on their domain name, DR and traffic from the first 10 sites that I quickly browsed through.

  • | DR 13 | traffic 2.8K
  • | DR 20 | traffic 1.2K
  • | DR 17 | traffic 2.3K
  • | DR 20 | traffic 1.3K
  • | DR 18 | traffic 10.2K
  • | DR 10 | traffic 2.5K

#3 Analyse the sites with Site Explorer

Now when I see that a site is potentially interesting, I put it into site explorer to see how much total traffic they’re getting and how many links do they have.

The first example is getting a total of 4.6K org. traffic to their site at a DR of 13. If you’re new to this kind of analysis, this won’t tell you much, but if you’ve analysed sites with ahrefs before, you’ll know that this site shows that the fishing niche might be rather lucrative.

What I do then is mark the site down into a google sheets file. So that if I go through a lot of different sites, I will be able to tell which of them was the best one.

#4 Write down the data per each site

If you don’t want to go into this much detail, you don’t have to do this. If you want, you can just check through different sites and if you come across a niche that seems promising to you, run with it.

I do analyse niches further, because I’m usually looking for many different niches and also, because I like to analyse things to death 🙂

Let's take a moment and over-analyze this - Internet Grandma | Make a Meme

What I use in my analysis:

  • number of articles the site has (ahrefs’ top pages report gives me that number)
  • organic traffic
  • do-follow referring domains that are above DR 20 (I just eyeball this number when scrolling through their links)

#5 Compare the sites and choose which niche to go after

This is a brief summary of the 3 first sites that I found in this example. I put them into my basic google sheets niche return on investment calculator.

How the sheet works is that it calculates the potential earnings for the site, how much the site is worth based on that and how much I would need to invest to create a similar site. Then it calculates how much profit I would make on that (ROI).

These estimations are rough and far from perfect, but they’re close enough and give you a decent overview of which niches can be more profitable.

I also like to add more sites per niche, if possible. To do that, you can simply use the “competing domains” tab from ahrefs and check these sites competitors as well. You’ll get a more accurate picture of the niche if you look at a few different players.

9 thoughts on “How to Find Profitable Niches that are Easy to Rank In”

  1. Hey Wilson,

    Thank you so much, great content.

    When you’re searching through and adding the domians you like the look of that meets your critera, are you adding the overall website RD or just that particular page RD? I’m thinking it’s the page only, since this is all we care about ranking above them for, right?

    I found another method for simple and highly effective niche research in ahrefs recently (which you probably already know!) using the affiliate tracking domains from all affiliate networks, you can enter this into site explorer and navigate to the backlinks then filter as you do above. Might be worth an article 🙂

    • Hey Dan,

      Potential earnings – this is based on what my average earnings from Amazon have been thus far, per visitor. It’s usually around 5 to 10 cents per visitor.
      Site worth – 35x monthly traffic times 7 cents per visitor. Sites usually sell for 35-40 times monthly profit. Profit margins are very high for affiliate websites. 7 cents should be achievable by most affiliate websites. If they’re below that, they’re usually undermonetized.
      Investment – I calculate this based on $50 dollars per average article created and $50 per link built.


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