Guest Posts – How I Do Them

There are two main ways of doing GP-s for me. One way yields quick links that come from average and below average sites. DR is usually below 50 and most webmasters (90%) ask for money for the GP to be placed.

It’s still a good way of getting links and I use it all the time, because it works. This first strategy is pretty much explained in my link inserts strategy post here. Instead of link inserts, you just ask for a guest post instead, negotiate the topic and write the article with your link(s) in it.

But there’s a second way of getting guest post links. Yes, it’s slower and requires more effort, but the links you’ll be getting are way better and you won’t have to pay for these links in most cases.

The Core Idea

What you’re going to do is find websites in your niche or a niche closely related to you and pitch them to write an article for them that their competitor is getting traffic from, but they don’t yet have on their site.

What you’re offering, is to do competition cannibalization keyword research strategy for them.

  1. You find a few of their competitors that have a smaller DR than they do.
  2. You check what the competitors are ranking for, that your target site doesn’t yet rank for.
  3. You pitch the article to the target site.
  4. Once the article is live, you ask the webmaster to add internal links to it to increase the odds of ranking for the keyword.

Why It’s a Win-Win Situation?

Is in a win-win situation Loses - Bad Luck Brian - quickmeme

Win for you: You’ll gain a link from a site that has added power through internal links. Also, you can recommend the webmaster to build some external links to it, which might further increase the power.

If they ask for payment, you can easily decline by saying that the article will likely get traffic and they can monetize the traffic.

Win for the webmaster: they’ll gain additional traffic, which they can make money off of.

This strategy has a much higher response and success rate compared to regular ways of doing guest posts. But it does take more time and effort.

I’ve trained my VA to do every aspect of this type of outreach. Once he’s managed to find a specific topic, he’ll hand it over to our editor who will then craft the outline and have the article written.

TIP: If it’s a tough negotiation and the webmaster doesn’t want to do it, you can promise to build an external link to the article by yourself from another guest post.

Overview of the Full Process

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