Quick Background

I’m a 31 year old affiliate SEO guy from Eastern-Europe, however I work full time in finance. I’ve been reading about affiliate SEO for the past 7 years, but only started to take action around 3 years ago.

I’ve started a few websites and sold two of them. One for 5K$ that I couldn’t get ranking. Just a fun fact.. the new owner bought it, did nothing and the site shot up from 2K monthly traffic to 30K monthly traffic in the December 2020 update.

The other site I sold in the beginning of 2021 for a little under 100K$ minus commissions.

Did a tonne of mistakes along the way, but tried my best to take these as lessons on how to build better sites.

What am I Doing Now?

Now I’m taking most of that money and putting it into 10 different websites. My goal is to have 2-3 strong sites that each make at least 10K$/month for me to conservatively depend on them.

I’m starting 10 sites to see which niches will start to gain traction the fastest and easiest. I’ll only deploy 1-2K$ per site to begin with. Only if I see that the niche has potential and traffic and rankings are coming in with the initial investment, will I put more money into the sites.

The plan is to invest more than 2K$ into top 3 sites that come out as winners from the initial 10.

As of writing this, I have 8 sites live, out of which, I’ve bought some and started some from scratch. Read this article to see my first overview of the current status of my sites.

I’ll post a status update at the beginning of each new month.

What’s My Goal?

My dream is to do affiliate SEO full time. I don’t mind working, I just want to choose my own hours, decide what to do by myself and work from where ever I want to, instead of the same exact place for the next 40 years.

Also, spend more time with my wife and my kid. Ideally I want to work 3 days a week, to have more time to invest into my family and relationships. It’s more than doable in this business no matter what anyone tells you.

What’s the Goal with Affiliatricks.com?

I made this site to share my experiences. I hope to save you guys time and money by writing honestly about what mistakes I’ve made and about some of the major learnings I’ve come to gather that have had the most impact on my sites.

It also motivates me to keep a close eye on all of the sites, do proper monthly reporting and analysis. Otherwise, if I only have myself to answer to, I might get lazy and I might neglect and forget about most of my projects.

Also, I’m hoping to motivate some of you guys to start taking action. I was stuck in the analysis paralysis and eternal reading phase for 4 years. Had I started to do something, anything at all, I would be way way further and richer than I am now.

Questions, comments or interested to get in touch and talk about affiliate SEO?
Drop me an e-mail via my contact page or e-mail: wilson(at)affiliatricks.com